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About Us

Guangzhou jinghui glassware co., ltd  is located in Guangzhou City Shiji Town, PanyuDistrict, The main products are variousblowing system and pressed glassware. wine glass, candle cups, glass kettle, glassstorage tank, glass bottles, fruit, decanter, glass bowls, dishes and otherhousehold glass products, the all products are mainly exported to the UnitedStates, France, Brazil, Europe and the United States.

All of our products have passed SGS certification and met the USA FDA, CE/EU Test。our production andprocessing of a variety of advertising gift cup, glass bottles, glass storagetanks, fresh boxes and other glass products, in the gifts and the promotionalglass market has a larger market share. My company's products at reasonableprices, excellent quality, is the designated supplier of more famous brand and the company. For example: JACK DANIELS,Disneyland, Tsingtao Beer, Carlsberg,Thailand Airlines,QVC,STARBUCKS etc。

我司还拥有大型的电加热烤花炉两台、喷砂机、自动喷色机、丝印机、全自动的四色移印机,激光雕刻机,刻花机、玻璃抛光机等多种先进环保的机器生产加工设备和流水线,同时还拥有一批精通喷色、刻花、彩绘、蒙砂、丝印、烤花、电镀、描金等多种玻璃表现工艺制作技术的高素质管理人才和生产工人。先进的生产设备、精湛的加工工艺,独特的产品工艺理念,一流的客户服务,使得晶辉公司的产品远销海内外。优异的品质,实惠的价格,热情的服务,是晶辉迎接海内外朋友的一贯原则。Our factory has a largeelectric heating decorated furnace , sandblasting machine, automatic colorspray machine, screen printing machine, full automatic four-color printingmachine, laser engraving machine, engraving machine, glass polishing machine,such as a variety of advanced environmentally friendly production andprocessing machinery and equipment。

also has finethrough spray color, carving, painting, frosting, silk screen, flower that bake,electroplating etc。 a variety of glass technology production technology of high quality management personnel and

workers.Advanced production equipment, exquisite processing technology,the unique concept of product technology, first-class customer service,Excellent quality, affordable price, enthusiastic service, that's our  best hope with every coustomer and friends.

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